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Public Park Timestop: Freezing the Jogger

Public Park Timestop: Freezing the Jogger
Public Park Timestop: Freezing the Jogger
Ludella is jogging in a public park. POV knows her routine, having been stalking her for weeks, waiting for the right a remote location where no one would see. POV steps out into her jogging path in this carefully selected secluded spot and freezes her where she is, a look of shock and confusion on her face. POV removes her earbuds and ipod, inspecting her figure before stripping her of her workout clothes and groping her BIG TITS and BIG BUTT, posing her and manipulating her body. Beneath her booty shorts reveals a hairy natural bush. POV lays her on the walkway and removes her sneakers and socks. She's completely naked now. POV lifts her STIFF body and poses her in a sitting position, her arm still reaching straight out, then uses magic to UNFREEZE her.
Ludella comes out of the spell to find herself sitting completely naked on the sidewalk in the middle of the park. She jumps up, shocked and horrified, as she has no recollection of what has happened. She tries to cover herself while she works it out in her head, horrified, but POV FREEZES her again. The camera pans over her frozen statue body before the mysterious magical woman carries her away like a trophy. This new trophy should fetch her a pretty penny, but maybe she'll have some fun first.

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