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Ivy Aura, Lily Rader, Penelope Reed - Stray Kittens Part 1

Ivy Aura, Lily Rader, Penelope Reed - Stray Kittens Part 1
Ivy Aura, Lily Rader, Penelope Reed - Stray Kittens Part 1

Ivy Aura is offered the job on her dreams as a cat sitter. A wealthy man needs to focus on his work so he'd like to pay her a large sum of money each day to take care of his cats, Penelope and Lily. She just gets to lay around with a couple of cute kittens, playing with them, cuddling them... just loving them AND she'll get paid for it. As the day wears on the kittens seem antsy, she's already fed them but maybe there's a toy she missed. Just below a spy camera she doesn't realize is there is a little paw sized button. She clicks on it. Suddenly colored light spin around the room and she becomes very still. She here's the owner walk up behind her but she can't look away. He explains to her that she's actually a cat, why else would she be staring at his cat light? Why else would she be on the floor at his feet? She can't think of any reason other than the fact that she must be a cat and he's being so nice for taking care of her. He tells her to open her mouth so he can examine her, he shoves his fingers down her throat and she gags and drools on herself, "I have to makes sure you didn't eat anything you were suppose to" he tell her as her shoves them deeper. She promises that she's been a good kitten. He lays back to let her clean him, She licks all over his face and neck wanting to prove herself, wanting to earn her place. Once she feels his cock getting hard she begs to clean it, she knows it'll please her master if she's a very good sex kitten. She gets on her knees and milks his cock, spitting and licking all over it like a good little kitten. He fucks her little kitten face getting her all sloppy and she begs for more. She want to earn her place, she wants him to be her daddy and to be his little sex kitten forever. She finally does a good enough job until he cums and she laps it up. "It's time for you to meet your sisters"
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