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Anna - Miss Anal Anna E06 [1080p]

Anna - Miss Anal Anna E06 [1080p]
Anna - Miss Anal Anna E06 [1080p]
Dr. Šťovík
 I am doctor Šťovík and my specialisation is hypnotherapy. Miss Anna would like to quit smoking, but she has an extremely weak will. Using an energy pendulum, I introduced her into deep hypnosis and began a complicated journey to success right through her anus. Miss Anna was completely under my control and did everything I wanted. I fucked her anus, squeezed all the juice out of her cunt, and finally made her swallow a powerful load of thick cum. If that doesn't help, fisting non plus ultra is waiting for her in the next session!
Another English video! Dr. Šťovík "hypnotizes" Anna, then has her stroke his cock and blow him. He has her take her clothes off and play with her pussy. She pees in a cup and drank it. She gets four fingers into her ass as a warmup before he fucks her. She jacks him off into her mouth in the end and she plays with and swallows his load.

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