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Every Boy's Fantasy V

I'm just an ordinary guy with extraordinary dreams; it's my dream to control the minds of two gorgeous babes. Imagine being a real life superhero with the power to train women to do whatever you'd like them to do, whatever sex position, and begging for you, desperate for you to kiss them, to pump them full of your cum. Don't scoff at me, it's something I could teach you, if you wanted to learn. It's got to be every boy's fantasy!

I'm at my girlfriend's house right now, Adriana, and she's serving me a drink while her sister, Kissa, rubs my feet and is practically burning a hole through my jeans starting at my crotch. The two girls can go in and out of a trance ever since that epic day where I trained them to come in and out with a snap of my fingers. They get along really well now, but that wasn't always the case.

Kissa used to shamelessly flirt with me and it drove Adriana mad. They were always fighting about it. The Chechik sisters are the hottest sisters in my town, and I've got to be honest with you, it makes me feel pimp to have these two babes lusting after me. Kissa used to say to me, "you're such a good friend," meanwhile her breasts are pressed up against my chest tightly with her "friendly" hug, just like clockwork, Adriana would corner her in the bedroom and they'd be yelling and sometimes wrestling each other! It's the hottest thing, and I'd crouch down and watch through the keyhole, until I saw Kissa hold the pillow over Adriana's head a little too tight. Adriana's hands and legs were flailing around, I was scared for her! I came in and broke it up.

I told them about my mind control therapy and how it could make the girls see each other's points of view. "Imagine loving each other as sisters again?" They totally bought it, hook, line, and sinker. I had a lump in my throat the size of a plum, so worried that the process wouldn't take, but it did, oh yes... I've always believed honesty is the best policy, so I had both of them express their true thoughts for one another and kiss and make up, things heated up when Kissa admits to having sexually fantasized about Adriana. Clothes flew off as they kissed and fondled themselves, then each took turns going down on one another. When I pulled my pants off the two sisters eagerly treated me to a blowjob after which I had Adriana lay on top of Kissa and fucked them both doggy style. They were still moaning and thanking me when I snapped them out of their trance.
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