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Everly Haze - Friends Bratty Bitch Step-Daughter gets Collar

Michael's buddy asked him to house sit for him and keep his 19 year old step-daughter Everly out of trouble. It would be a lot easier if Everly wasn't a bitchy cockteasing brat. After one too many times of giving WAY too much attitude Mr. Masters has had enough. Considering how much Everly liked to show off her body it is fun for Michael to watch how embarrassed she is when she has to stand totally naked in front of him. Even more when he makes her dance for him like she wants him to fuck her, At his command she submits and puts all her effort into enticing him but is still VERY embarrassed when he makes her obey his command to masturbate in front of him. He lets her play with herself, clearly humiliated at every involuntary sound she makes until he commands her to submit to the pleasure of it and she starts rubbing and fingering herself like a desperate whore.

Now that Everly understands how to obey and submit Mr Masters has her get on her knees to suck his cock and take a hard throat fucking

A week has passed and Everly is still not happy about the new order of the house. Michael gives her her final lessons on obedience and submission

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