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Britt Blaire - Masseuse is the Next Girl He Talks Sense Into 1080p

Britt has been a professional masseuse for over a year and she is used to male clients being inappropriate. She really never understood why they would have such sexual request in a therapeutic environment, This newest client though explains things to her and and it all makes sense

It does make sense that she should relieve ALL of her clients tension, no matter what technique she has to use

It never made sense to Britt to have to drive all the way to a strangers house to do a massage, but Mr Masters helped her see that it made sense. And if he's totally naked shouldn't she be? And if her mouth can release tension more deeply that shouldn't she?

It makes obvious sense. If her mouth built up more thesion that Mr Masters started with she should let him use her whole body to release it. And, of course he should cum in her right?
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