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Going Around

Going Around

Going Around

Three friends all had some nasty bug for a few days, but they're all feeling much better now. well, except for the arousal, and the strange fantasies, and the sudden desire to be told exactly what to do and to sexually submit.

We start off with all three Ladies (Sovereign Syre, Kate England & Mila Jade) naked and kissing in the kitchen, as they take it back to how it all started from there.  In the next scene, all three plus two gents (Mickey Mod & Anthony Rosano) are sitting down, chatting about different topics.

We then transition to a hospital bed where Kate England is on her stomach enjoying some manner of pleasure.

The scene transitions back to all five on the couch, and Mickey asks if he can recharge their drinks, of which Anthony joins him.

The ladies then begin to talk about dreams, of which they all three confirmed that they remember being in a hospital bed, as they had managed to catch something.....

The Gents are in the kitchen discussing the implementation of the next phase, and from there.....

The clip transitions back and forth between the ladies and their images that keep appearing in their minds.

Mickey is alone with Mila in a bedroom, and he begins suggesting to Mila that she is attracted to him.

Anthony tells Sovereign & Kate to make out on the couch, and there the clip transitions into the next phase, which involves the removal of clothes, the engagement of sexual activities, to include the random mantas which all the Ladies begin stating.

Mila gives Mickey a blowjob, while Kate is eating out Sovereign on the couch.

Then Mila begins taking it from behind, doggy style from Mickey, while Sovereign takes Kate into a bedroom, and begins to program her mind, as Kate repeats everything back to Sovereign as she is programming Kate's mind.

Once Kate is successfully programmed, Anthony joins the Ladies in a sexual escapade, while Mickey continues to pound Mila in another room.

The scenes continue to change back in forth to the different sexual activities which are occurring in both rooms, of which each one of the Ladies from time to time iterate different things, as they totally get into all kinds of devious sexual acts.

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