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Liza K Compilation Double Training part 1

Liza K Compilation Double Training part 1
Liza K Compilation Double Training part 1

The first scene has our hero at a work meeting and is getting frustrated with the women.  He finally uses his mind control powers and has them strip mindlessly, he then wakes them up and freezes them while he continues to strip them while being awake but unable to resist this time.  Once naked, he has takes turn fucking from behind while she is bent over the desk, and the other missionary on the desk.Then she sits on him while the other masterbates.
The second scene he is sitting on the couch with two women, and after one leaves, he puts a mind control headband on the second one.  He has her do a mindless lapdance, when the first girl returns.  He has the first girl hold her, and puts the headband on her, and then with both women under his control, he has them mindlessly stripand make out with him.  He plays with one, while the other plays with herself, he takes turns fucking each of them, first one missionary on the couch, then the other from behind.
The last scene back at another meeting with 2 girls, and in this one, he has a powerful glove.  Things start out calm, as they girls tease and joke with him.  He tells them about the glove causing them to laugh, until he takes over their bodies.  With the glove, he has the girls play with themselves, and one girls crawls under the table to blow him, against her own desires.  He then does the same with the second girl.

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