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Amanda - Mind Sucking Lens Orgasms

Amanda - Mind Sucking Lens Orgasms
Amanda - Mind Sucking Lens Orgasms
Amanda is PROGRAMED to believe that my camera lens is magical, and has the ability to suck minds into it... leaving her body completely mindless. So as I tell her this feature, like most people; she doesn't believe me. So I ask her to glance into my lens, and instantly you can see it happening as she slows down, and eventually submits entirely and is gone. I remove the rest of her clothing, and make her completely naked, spreading her legs and showing all her parts. I play with her naked body, and as I start to play with her pussy, you can see her body starting to involuntarily react and start experiencing pleasure.
I then bring her back, and tell her what happened... but before long, I put her back into this state again.. but now I instruct her to masturbate. As her eyes roll back, and has that far out look, she starts playing with herself, eventually having multiple orgasms... as I enhance it even more with my PROGRAM, and make her cum over and over again!
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