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VRTM-081 Continued And Time Stop.p1

VRTM-081 Continued And Time Stop.p1
VRTM-081 Continued And Time Stop.p1
This is a censored Time-Stop movie.
Seems a male teacher has taken his class of schoolgirls on a field trip to an onsen, where thanks to a watch that can stop time, he is free to use them in anyway that amuses him.  the Movie follows the teacher molesting frozen girls,
    1st part Arrival, The girls are in school uniforms scattered around the reception area,
    2nd part Bathing, the girls are naked in the Hot springs
    3rd part Meal Time, the teacher eats a meal of the naked body of one of the girls.
    4th part Bed Time, the teacher vists seceral girls in thier beds, finishing by writing stuff on them.

Each part has the teacher freezes time, fondling, stripping the girls, kissing them, licking thier tits, eating thier pussies, face fucking them. and having vaginal sex with them in a variety of positions, including standing doggy, missionary, doggy. ending with cumming in mouths and creampies.
Arimoto Sayo, Motoki Sayo, Konishi Marie, Tsujii Yuu, Shirai Mai, Miura Hina, Ozawa Haru, Oda Chisato,

 File Size :2.3 GB
 Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
 Duration :01:23:00
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