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Jerk it for me daddy (Amber the sex android)

Jerk it for me daddy (Amber the sex android)
Jerk it for me daddy (Amber the sex android)
Amber is your sex android. She is impressed with how well you did in creating her, but she thinks that you made one mistake. She wants to call you "daddy." Is that okay with you? Very well. Please play with your cock as Amber watches you. You were very smart to create her. Being a nerd has some benefits, it seems, as Amber the android does exactly everything you have programmed her to do, including removing her clothing. She speaks just the way you like, including that she uses the word "cunt." Amber will do anything that you have programmed her to do, and that is the way you like it. Only a nasty sexy android would do. You are so smart that you have been able to create her to be more lifelike than you ever thought you could. Amber can swallow all of your cum because you created her to be a bottomless cum pit. She can take it all as she plays with her bald cunt. She tells you that you are brilliant and that she loves to make her daddy happy. You order your android slut to her knees and she obeys. Amber is a smart android, so she knows you are ready to cum. She opens her mouth and takes each precious drop of your cum and then she patiently waits for your next load.
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