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X-Rated Mom – Son Makes His Own Adult Channel with Magic Remote Control

X-Rated Mom – Son Makes His Own Adult Channel with Magic Remote Control
X-Rated Mom – Son Makes His Own Adult Channel with Magic Remote Control
Reagan Lush, mom/son, POV, mom comes into the living room to bitch to her son about the porn he has been watching on the family TV & charging on her credit card, she goes into detail about what porn he enjoys which only embarrasses him & makes the situation awkward, son tries to stop the humiliation so he presses a button on his magic remote control, it mutes her, she rambles on without any words coming out of her mouth & she has no idea it’s happening at all, he continues to play with the mute & unmute, since mom keeps rambling on about the adult channel, he makes her into one herself, “x-rated” channel, mom talks dirty, dirty talk, gropes tits, strips down, tells her son she wants to fuck him, boob bouncing, tit play, clit rubbing, son returns her to her normal state & mom continues with her big lecture – has no idea what just happened or that she’s half-naked, son puts her into x-rated mode & he starts to get more and more turned on, he puts her in an even further x-rated mode, mom strips down all the way, sucks son’s cock, virtual blowjob, begs for his cock, finger sucking, masturbation, masturbating, virtual pussy licking, virtual sex, missionary, fucking, mom wants son’s hot cum inside of her, son returns mom to her normal state & mom quickly realizes her pussy is dripping with his cum, she is disgusted & shocked, tells son he can continue to watch the adult channel if he doesn’t tell his dad what happened, magic control, mind control, brainwashed, trance, woman following orders, commands, obedient slave, taboo, female training, submissive sluts, erotic magic, blondes, momma’s boy, MILF, older woman, different modes
Hypno,Hypnosis,Hypnotized,Mind Contol,Mesmerize,Trance,Brainwashed
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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:10:50
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