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Robot and Resting Videos in Scarlet Johnson in Frozen Baby

Robot and Resting Videos in Scarlet Johnson in Frozen Baby
Robot and Resting Videos in Scarlet Johnson in Frozen Baby
Scene One: Remote Control
You know how hard it is to find a good babysitter? Cory makes sure to pay cute little Scarlet extra so they can have her around. It’s an extra bonus for Cory that Scarlet wears such hot outfits when she’s working. “What’s that?” Scarlet asks as Cory pulls a remote from her husbands desk. “It’s a remote control for people” Cory tries to explain. Scarlet giggles at how silly that sounds so Cory decides to show her how easy she can be manipulated…
Cory freezes her and unfreezes her to show how powerful the remote is. Scarlet’s in a daze, she can’t believe that just happened. Cory see’s that it’s going to take a lot to convince her. She freezes the ditsy babysitter again and strips her naked, posing her like a doll. When she is unfrozen Scarlet is so embarrassed she tries to run away. “I have to leave” She says desperately before she’s frozen again. Now that Cory has seen her naked, she’s horny and high on control.
Cory sets her down on the couch and spreads the slutty girls legs, touching her sweet pussy. When she’s unfrozen with her bosses hand rubbing her pussy Scarlet lets go and falls in love. “Do you like that?” Cory asks. Scarlet gushes and bites her lip. Cory strips naked and dives into Scarlet’s wet pussy, licking the horny little babysitter until she cums like it’s her first time. Things are going great until Cory’s husband walks in and takes away the remote….
Scene Two: Frozen Faces
With his wife frozen he and Scarlet play with Cory’s hot body. Touching her, pushing her frozen form onto the bed and licking her pussy. Scarlet has turned her into a cuckold, sucking Cory’s husband’s cock over her frozen face and there’s nothing Cory can do about it. With her face buried in Cory’s pussy she gets pounded by hard cock from behind.
Her moans vibrate and Cory is unfrozen in ecstasy. She doesn’t care that her husband is cheating on her as long as they both get to fuck Scarlet like their toy. Cory rides Scarlet’s face and cums while her husband keeps drilling the little slut.
Bending them both over side by side he takes turns fucking and freezing the horny girls. The feeling of being unfrozen in the middle of a hard thrust takes the girls breath away. He freezes them with their mouths open in wordless moans and cums all over their faces. He leaves them frozen, cum dripping down Scarlet’s face onto Cory’s. A cum statue dedicated to the sluts of the world.
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