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BarbieBot Blip - POV's New Hyper Realistic Limited Edition Fembot Malfunctions Repeatedly Whenever He Attempts to Command Sexual Acts - A Real Doll Robot Parody - HD MP4 1080p

POV is excited to try out his new hyper realistic Limited Edition BarbieBot, but soon after initial start-up, she’s repeating words and phrases, getting stuck in loops, which gets increasingly worse when POV puts her into “human mode.” When she is concerned about having no memory, POV tells her she is his girlfriend and that she had been in the middle of giving him a handjob. Her bubbly bimbo personality accepts that and begins to give one (offscreen) only to spin out when he makes the mistake of telling her she’s doing it robotically and she begins to have an identity crisis about being human. POV has to manually reboot her multiple times as she freezes and malfunctions with facial distortions and repeated phrases, vocal fluctuations, and stiff movements, and she completely short-circuits into an immobile heap on the floor after attempting to give POV the BJ he requested. It wasn’t exactly the playtime experience he envisioned, but she may still be fun even in this state, for as she’s repeatedly said, “My box is too tight…” And that’s perhaps worth exploring… :P
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BarbieBot Blip - Ludella Hahn Fetish - HD MP4 1080p.mp4

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