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Religious Experience

Penny & Pepper, two prude religious proselytizers have cornered a     seemingly impressionable young man. While they spout their ridiculous     dogma at him, he eyes up their sexy bodies, hidden beneath their modest     attire. He presses a button on his phone, activating his timestop app and     freezing the church chicks in place. The sinful fornicator proceeds to     strip, fondle, and tease the prudish pair, periodically unfreezing them     just to relish in their shocked reactions.

He methodically chooses Penny as his current favorite. When he unfreezes her with his tongue tracing her clit, or while he's plowing her with long strokes from his cock, he notices Penny slowly beginning to enjoy the confusing experience. He positions the girls, so he can enjoy the view of Pepper's gorgeous ass while he fucks Penny.

The setup is so ideal that he quickly shoots     gooey ropes of hot cum all over Pepper's freckled booty. The godless     fornicator finally unfreezes the girls and giggles as they react to their     state of undress and cum-covered glaze. I don't think they got through to     him today, but maybe he opened their eyes to the pleasures of the secular     world.
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