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Worship Violet D - Femdemic

Worship Violet D - Femdemic
Worship Violet D - Femdemic
The year is 2020, an election year. Humankind has been struck by a global pandemic. Those in power are as baffled as the citizens. Society begins to crumble & desperation leads to extremism.
As the government distracts the public by politicizing the virus & using the mainstream media to fearmonger, only one woman knows the truth. Well, one woman & her army of minions.
She is patient zero & the manufacturer of the fatal virus that has left humans weak & vulnerable, diverting leaders worldwide. She also possesses the only supply of a legitimate vaccine. As with everything good in life, it comes at a price.
If Violet deems you worthy of the vaccine, you will be immune to the virus & stronger than ever, becoming part of her master plan. Your life will be changed forever, as you’re indoctrinated into Female Supremacy.
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