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Olive Glass Epic Timestop

Olive has just gotten home from Max's office, which is great, because a     monster pussy wedgie has been annoying her the whole ride home. Once     through the door, she sits down and hikes her skirt up to see her undies     pulled up so high that the crotch has disappeared, jammed up into her     cunt, hidden by her smooth labia and grinding into her clit. It's almost     as if someone had dressed her hastily, but she can't remember anything     like that happening. She's only been out of the house once, to go to Max's     office, but now that she thinks about it, he was acting pretty weird.     Picking up her phone, she calls him to confront him about it. Max isn't     surprised by the call. While she was over, he used his timestop app on     her, and had some fun. He knew he should have redressed her more     carefully. Luckily, his app works remotely. Activating it to re-timestop     Olive, he waits until she's no longer talking on the phone and then goes     over to her place. He's happy to see her, sitting still as a statue,     because now he can have more fun. He wastes no time in removing her     clothes, freeing her meaty, round boobs and exposing her juicy, bald     pussy. Wrapping her soft, dainty hand around his stiff cock, he moves her     wrist back and forth, enjoying the feel of her fingers sliding over his     manhood. He plays around with changing her facial expressions, as well as     posing her hot, nude body, but there's only so much a guy can take before     his throbbing erection demands release. Pushing her into a sitting     position, he molds her lips into the perfect blow job shape. Then,     grabbing a handful of her hair to control her head, he face fucks her,     savoring the warm, wet feeling of her mouth. Laying her on the couch, he     spreads her legs wide and shoves his cock into her defenseless cunt. He     takes his time, fucking her in one position, before switching to another,     mauling her ample sweater meat and using her as his own personal fuck     doll. Soon, her tight pussy works its magic on Max's thick shaft and he     feels it explode, pumping out a sackful of ball juice, while he's buried     deep inside Olive's clueless, snug hole. He realizes what a hassle it was     getting her dressed the first time. He certainly doesn't feel like doing     it again. Fortunately, the timestop app comes with a feature, as well     (what will these developers think of next?). Max programs her to believe     that she is possessed by a demon, and that she needs to seek the help of     the Ghostbusters. He waits until he is long gone, before he unfreezes her,     still naked and freshly fucked. She is horribly confused at first, but     then remembers the demon that possesses her and rushes to the phone. I'm     sure Dr. Venkman will be more than happy to help her.
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