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Max is finding all sorts of uses for the app on his tablet. Using an app he breaks in to his neighbors house and sneakily creeps through the corridors. Zoey sits on her grandmother’s antique chase in shimmery heels and a sexy dress flipping through old photos when Max uses his timestop app to freeze her in time. He approaches the unwitting woman and decides to have a bit of fun with her. He spreads her legs open and removes the cell phone from her hands momentarily while he positions her placing the phone back in her and as if she is making a phone call. Max un-freezes her and her reaction encourages him to keep playing this game of catch, pose and release.
The shock and confusion on her face every time he briefly unfreezes her begins to make Max’s cock ache and stiffen behind his black denim jeans. He opens her mouth and sticks his cock between her lips, sliding it in and out of her throat. He unfreezes her momentarily, just long enough to see her struggle to eject his cock before freezing her again. His control is ultimate.
He turns her in the chaise, propping her feet up on the storage end of the furniture before arranging them around his stiff cock using her saliva for lubrication. He slides his cock in and out between her slim feet until her saliva runs dry and then sticks it back in her mouth.
Max stands her up and ready to fuck the neighbor he has been eyeing ever since she moved in, works his cock into her tight little pussy as she kneels frozen on the chaise. He pumps her, enjoying every ripple inside her delicate little fuck hole before popping his load. He poses her on the chase in the position he finished fucking her in and unfreezes her as he leaves. The horror of knowing and not knowing torments her as the home invader makes his getaway.
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