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The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Tina's been hearing about the wild new movie and finally got her hands on     a copy! She invited her bestie Jasper over to watch it and things got a     little. weird. It mush have been super boring because, the next morning     they found themselves on the couch and they must have not even finished     the movie. Tina gets up to do her morning routine and realizes everything     is different! She's inside Jaspers body! Soon they both realize they've     swapped bodies! Unsure of how to handle things they decide it best to go     to work and figure things out later. In all the excitement, Tina forgot to     tell jasper she's fucking one of her coworkers! After a hot encounter at     work Jasper comes home to figure out what the next move is. The two     realize, they have a chance to experience something everyone dreams of!     The spend the rest of the night having the most amazing sex of their lives     with each other. well, with themselves. or would it be both? You decide.
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