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Hypnosis Loop 3 - Itty Bitty Clitty

Hypnosis Loop 3 - Itty Bitty Clitty
Hypnosis Loop 3 - Itty Bitty Clitty
You knew this was coming, sissy slave. It’s time to address your lack of size down there. You’ve been self conscious about it your whole life, but now I’m here help you come to terms with your baby-sized penis…. and shrink it down even smaller.
This file contains over 16 minutes of limp clitty training in my seductive voice.
You understand that sissy clitties should not become hard, and it is disrespectful to do so. Real men get hard to slide inside slutty girls’ pussies with the intent to fuck for hours on end. Sissies do not fuck. Sissies get fucked. So there is no use for a sissy’s clitty to become hard in the slightest.
This file is designed to strictly reinforce the limpness of a sissy’s clit. Repeated listenings will result in weaker erections, followed by failure to become hard around women, then finally,  a complete inability to become erect.
You realize that women do not want to suck, fuck, touch, or even look at your pathetic little clitty. Women would much rather be in the company of large cocks that have the length and girth necessary to make them scream in ecstasy. Women don’t settle for anything less than the strongest, hardest cocks. You don’t measure up.
You will also learn a delightful new way to play with yourself: Diddling! This is achieved by lightly stroking the very tip of your soft clitty with no more than two fingers. Real men stroke their cocks with their strong hands. Sissies diddle with their girly fingers. It’s just the natural way to do things.
By the end of this file, your clitty will be tingling with excitement, and it may feel just a bit smaller than before. It’s time to accept your small size and begin your limp clitty training. Good girl ❤
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