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Goddess Darla Diondra - Erotic Audio Pack

Goddess Darla Diondra - Erotic Audio Pack
Goddess Darla Diondra - Erotic Audio Pack

This pack contains 5 erotic audio files:
Bluephoria I - Reprogramming
In Bluephoria, your mind is my computer, and it will be primed for conditioning and programming.
A trigger word will be implanted, and meddling with your mind will occur.
This is the first in a series that I am very excited about. The dark tone will excite you, scare you,and leave you begging for more.Are you ready to begin? Log in now…
*Goddess Darla programs you mind like a computer.  She gets you to think of a picture of her then hypnotizes you to permanently see that picture in your mind.
*NOTE - It is best to search the internet for some pictures of her first.  then you will have an idea of what she looks like and can use one of the pictures in this trance.
This AUDIO ONLY recording includes a whisper track, left and right ear tracks, and low theta binaural beats.  Because of these tracks, headphones are NECESSARY for the effectiveness of this recording.
Bluephoria II - Bliss Is Blue
Bluephoria beckons… You’re following a dark and dangerous road.  This is the second in the Bluephoria series, and it only becomes more evident that you cannot resist.
*Darla puts you in trance and installs more Bluephoria programming.  She gets you to imagine the time when you felt the most pleasure then binds that memory to the picture of her.  You also see the image she programmed you with from Bluephoria I.
DO NOT listen to this trance if you wish to keep your mind intact. You MUST listen to Bluephoria I first, and you MUST wear headphones.
Bluephoria III - Blue Bug Byte
Bluephoria III: Blue Bug Byte is here… are you prepared to go darker and deeper?
Your computer mind is mine. What happens when I install a new batch of uploads?
You are programmed by me, taken over, completely and total disabled.
*Contains elements of complete submission and bondage as Darla programs you mind into complete submission by tying your hands and legs up so you cannot move and can only feel the Bluephoria programming running through your mind.  You will feel the full effects of all the Bluephoria triggers all at once after listening to this file..
You MUST listen to Bluephoria I and Bluephoria II first, and you MUST wear headphones.
Awaken the Darkness Evil Programming
This is an evil brainwashing loop. There is no traditional induction or awakener. It is meant to be played on repeat for continued exposure and conditioning. There are heavy effects in this recording, and you MUST wear headphones.
By purchasing this loop you are consenting to a journey in reprogramming your mind – you will never be the same.
If you are ready for a true mindfuck, let’s begin.
*You will be brainwashed and mind fucked into serving Darla. There is a trigger in this file that when you drink coffee you will feel pleasure and be reminded of her.  You will also feel pleasure just listening to the trance.
WARNING: This recording is VERY strong. Listen at your own risk.
Tightrope Mind Control
Did you think you stood a chance against my allure?  Better luck next time.
Tightrope Mind Control is a evil, dark brainwashing loop in the style of Awaken The Darkness.
You will find yourself disoriented, obedient, and completely and utterly mind fucked.  Listen at your own risk, WITH headphones.
There is no traditional induction or awakener.  Listen at least 3 times on repeat.
*In this file Darla gets you to imagine you are on a tightrope across a large blue lake.  Halfway through the tightrope walk you fall into the lake.  then she mind fucks you to be consumed by lust and the need to serve her.
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