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Mistress Stella - Girlier and Girlier

Mistress Stella - Girlier and Girlier
Mistress Stella - Girlier and Girlier
Your girly side is showing, sissy. Wear your prettiest panties and diddle like a naughty girl as you fall deep under my spell. I’m going to feminize your helpless mind, turning you into a pretty, slutty, horny girly princess. Simply hand me the keys to your mind and embrace your girly nature.
This file contains 20 minutes of naughty feminization and guided masturbation
Good girls listen to beautiful goddesses, so simply obey me and fall into the endless spiral of my voice. Lie back and let me take you deep into a sparkling pink, estrogen filled trance.
Diddle your clitty nice and hard for me, sweetheart. Just like a real girl would diddle her quivering clitoris. Every time you hear sparkling in the background music, you’ll immediately reach the edge of orgasm… but no further.
You’re going to look like a girl, walk like a girl, dress like a girl, talk like a girl, and fuck like a girl. It’s all you’ve ever wanted, and you can’t help but let me pour estrogen-filled brainwashing into your open mind.
The more you diddle, and the more you listen to my hypnotizing words, the hornier and sluttier you’ll become. Especially around masculine alpha studs with 10-inch cum-spurting dicks and mouth-watering cum-bloated balls. Your clitty’s tingling just reading this ❤
Diddle and diddle and diddle some more… but never cum. You need to keep all that estrogen and sparkling feminine lust bottled up inside you. The longer you hold back from squirting, the more intense your femininity will become. How long can you loop this file before blowing your sissy load?
    Diddle and edge instruction.
    Girly girl feminization
    Crossdressing desire
    Brainwashing you into a real girl’s mindset
    Attraction to powerful men and thick cocks
    No orgasm command. Endless diddling and edging
    Removal of attraction to women

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