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Hypnosis Loop 18 - Bimbo Brain Drain

Hypnosis Loop 18 - Bimbo Brain Drain
Hypnosis Loop 18 - Bimbo Brain Drain
*Giggle* Your inner bimbo is calling ❤. Listen to my seductive voice as I wipeyour pretty mind clean, leaving nothing but girly giggles, sparkly thoughts, and intense cock lust. That’s right, sissy… coat your plump, dick-sucking lips in shimmering glitter gloss and prepare for my bimbo brain drain.
This file contains 30 minutes of giggly bimbo brainwashing.
Dumb equals happy, bimbo. *giggle* you know it’s true. You don’t have to think to be pretty, you simply act on your bimbo instincts. Giggle around manly guys, suck on sweet lollipops, and wear the sluttiest outfits imaginable. The less you have to think about, the more blissful you become.
Listen and obey, bimbo. You’re becoming more mindless by the second, turning into a slutty little bimbo doll whose only purpose is to serve masculine men and dominant women. You don’t think anymore… you just giggle and jiggle.
When a man tells you to drop to your knees… *giggle* You obey. When he tells you to swallow his cock to the balls, you say “yes sir”. As a brain-drained bimbo, your life goal is to please as many cocks as possible with the second pussy you call a mouth.
All horny bimbos love swallowing gooey globs of creamy semen, and that includes you, sweetheart. The more cum you drink, the lower your IQ drops *giggle*. The lower your IQ drops, the more reliant on men you become.
By the end of this file, your bimbo brain will be absolutely drained. With each repeated listen, I’ll squeeze more and more intelligence out of your pretty head, replacing it with sparkles, giggles, and insatiable lust. *Giggle* You know you want it, bimbo.
    Like, so many giggles ❤
    Loss of intelligence
    Attraction to strong men
    Blissful feelings
    Obedience towards superior women
    Becoming a brainless bimbo doll
    Cocksucking lust
    Cum addiction
    Intense arousal
    Trigger - The higher your heels, the lower your IQ

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