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The New Hire Whos in Control

Terra Mizu, Aiden Valentine, boss/employee, Terra is a new hire & is going     through her training program, Aiden (her boss) introduces himself & begins     sexually assaulting her, Aiden is notorious for sexually harassing his     employees, but the other employees don't say anything in fear of losing     their jobs, Terra lashes out at him for assaulting her & tells him she's     going to go to HR to make him lose his job along w/ other threats, Aiden     continues to sexually assault her, Aiden decides he better take precaution     since she is serious about her threats, gives her headphones for an audio     track to her training program, , brainwashing, mind control, mindless,     emotionless, obedient, slave/master, degradation, sexual deviant, blank     eyes, monotone, groping tits, smacking ass, commands/orders, stripping,     dancing, striptease, virtual blowjob, big tits, trance, blackmail

Terra's eyes narrow at the computer screen in front of her, her red, long nails pressing against the plain keyboard. She just started a new job, and is desperately trying to follow the training program that she's been left with.

Aiden strolls behind her, clipboard in hand, and takes note on her progress. "You must be the new hire, right?" he says pressing against her chair. Aiden is notorious for his sexual harassment around the office, but because he's the boss, none of the female employees have said anything to HR in fear of losing their jobs.

"Terra? Nice to meet you," he says shaking her hand. "I didn't realize they hired such an attractive, young lady." Aiden continues to ask her how she's doing with her training program, then casually gropes her chest. "Oh, excuse me!" Terra jerks back. "What are you doing!?" Aiden acts like it's no big deal, and in the middle of her sentence, gropes her again which causes her to lash out at him.

"I mean, none of the other employees mind," he tells her. "I'm the boss." Terra, now completely fed up and disgusted with Aiden's behavior, threatens to go to HR to make him lose his job, tell his wife, and even sue him to take his house and everything else he owns.

But rather than come off as threatened, Aiden purposely drops his pen on the ground, "Can you get my pen for me?" Terra bends down to get it only for Aiden to sexually assault her again. "How dare you!" she screams. "You're a fucking pervert, you know that?"

Aiden blows it off, but after seeing her attitude towards him, decides he better take some precautions. He tells her that there's an audio that will help her perform better on her training program, and then goes off to get a pair of headphones. "Ew, that's my boss," Terra says to herself, her fingers once again pressing against the keyboard.

Aiden comes back with a pair of headphones, plugs them in, and places them against her ears. After giving some instruction to how it works, Terra gets feisty with him, "Okay, thanks. Sorry, I can't hear you. Thanks." Aiden makes a comment about her nice ass on his way out, and leaves her to her audio.

"Think I'm not going to go to HR? I'm still fucking going to HR," Terra mumbles to herself. She presses a key, and the audio begins playing. "That's weird. Am I not hearing this right?" she says adjusting her headphones. A low, hypn0tizing sound plays, and after a few seconds, Terra's eyes flutter and cross. She tries to fight it off, shaking her head, but it eventually engulfs her entirely.

"Looks like the training is coming along well," Aiden says waving his hand in front of her face. With a snap of his fingers and a simple command, Terra turns around to face him with blank, emotionless eyes. "Alright, Terra, now tell me who's in control," Aiden says to her. "You are in control," she replies in a monotone voice. Pleased that the audio training has brainwashed her, he has some fun with her. "Tell me I'm the best boss ever," he commands.

After testing out some simple commands and gaining complete obedience from Terra, he degrades her, making her tell him how much she wants to suck his cock, and how much she likes it when he touches her. He unbuttons her top to reveal her big, perfect, perky tits and gropes them as she stares ahead. Rather than come off as the perv he really is to HR, Aiden has every intention of making Terra come off as a sexual deviant instead.

Aiden has her strip down and dance as he snaps pictures of her exposed body. He calls her degrading names, and then commands her to get down on her knees and suck his cock. Without hesitation, Terra drops in front of him, pulls down his pants, and begins sucking him until he's satisfied.

"Now, tell me you belong to me, and that you're a good, little slut," Aiden commands. "I belong to you, Master," Terra says pulling back from his cock. "And I'm a good, little slut." He tells her to get back to work, reminds her who's in control, and hands her her shirt back.

"We don't have to tell HR about any of this," he says. She obediently and blindly agrees, then sits down in front of her computer, typing away on her plain keyboard and stuck in her trance, as Aiden gropes her huge tits.

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