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Covert Trance

Covert Trance
Covert Trance
Unbeknown to you, your girlfriend has been learning how to utilise covert hip no sis. She is a natural and has become exceptionally good. As you chat about your day, and she sips the tea you made her, she beings her silent attack. Using a technique called nesting, she uses stories to engage, distract, confuse and ultimately detach your conscious mind, leaving the guts of your brain wide open for sabotage. She talks so naturally that you have no idea anything is happening, you are engrossed though, if a bit lost. Her feet are so distracting, and those long red nails would feel so good down your back right nowLooping one story into the next she stealthily opens up your sensory experience, all her powerful metaphors, commands, and instructions slide right into your mind, bypassing your critical faculties, She is so very clever, this is a complex psychological trap she is effortlessly weaving around you. Every word has a deeper meaning to your subconscious. You love to listen to this woman talk! All of a sudden you hear her tell you to take your COCK out, and you find yourself obeying her instantly without thought. She tells you to stroke it and you OBEY. She is pleased with, and you realise how HAPPY that makes you. Those tits makes you so HARD, you feel overcome with the need to beg, to obey, let GO of it ALL.Pumping your dick for her, she puts the finishing touches to your new programming, orders you to cum on command and forget about it all. Thats exactly what you do.
Contains: Conversational hip no sis, NLP, nested loops, disassociation, metaphors, future pacing, anchors, imbedded commands, manipulation, mindfuck, femdom, cum countdown,
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