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Violet - Insidious

Violet - Insidious
Violet - Insidious
I am SEDUCTIVE, soft and SENSUAL. But deceptively dangerous. My words have GREAT POWER, and their effects are cumulative. At first everything feels normal, you feel the same, but then, you realize; you are totally fucked. It feels so good to be captured, bound, gagged and PROBED by Me that you don't even know its happening. Until its far too late. As I am so clever, the induction echoes the hip no tic commands you will be receiving - a true mind-fuck. We all relate to the idea that are made up of parts. Ever been in two minds?. Focusing you on this idea naturally creates a hip no tic SPLIT in your mind - a necessary phenomena for trance plus its a way to increase depth of trance.Keeping your mind split and your conscious mind occupied, you SLIDE so far DOWN in hypnosis that you are helpless before Me.
One moment your listening, the next your aware you cannot remember a word I have just said. Insidious. When you are right where I want you and ONLY then you are permitted to get out your cock and stroke. Its a slow, tortuous build up to the release you need, you will beg, you will plead, I hope even whimper. I use the strength of My words to turn you upside down and dangle you over that EDGE and when you're TOO FAR GONE to save yourself I attach post hip no tic commands and triggers to your impending orgasm, I make SURE you KNOW just how fucked you really are when you DO cum. We both know your twitching cock will explode with cum anyway.

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