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She Doesn’t Love You

She Doesn’t Love You
She Doesn’t Love You
She doesn’t love you and four other reasons why you need to dump her and give your money to Me. My observations are psychological sound and unarguable; delivered with pure sex, and complete conviction. It’s a fantasy, I know, but it makes you so HORNY and dumb and weak imagining a hot sexy demanding Woman wrecking your relationship because She wants you, your cock and your money to Herself. Fantasy it may be, but be careful, you may end up doing exactly what I tell you. I will be utilising rapid tr4 nce, you’ll hold out your hands until they’re SO heavy that they *DROP*. As will you, into a horny dumb obedient state….I can’t *make* you do something you don’t *want to * do…but what if you want it? What if *My words are powerful enough*? STROKE. She’s a distraction, she’s a burden on your, therefore *MY* finances. We both know she doesn’t know the REAL you so how can she love you?! She doesn’t. You will stop wasting time. Stop wasting MY money on her. THIS is what’s best, for everyone. Five undeniable reasons and two perfect tits are the reason you will dump her. It makes perfect sense when you’re thinking with your cock….but, you will cum and you will forget all about it. Won’t you? It’s just a fantasy. Isn’t it..? I can’t make you do anything…you don’t want to do…
description: Madam Violet speaks to camera and gives jerk off instructions.
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