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Testing My Training

Testing My Training
Testing My Training
You saw on Twitter that I’m on vacation in your city, but you had absolutely no idea that you would randomly bump into me.
You recognize me at a bar and after a few drinks you get the balls to talk to me. You tell me you’ve been a fan of my work for years and that you love to “play along” with my content.
I playfully brush it off and tell you that it’s not a fantasy. I really have completely mindfucked men, you included, to be in love with me. You call bullshit and say you just watch because you think I’m sexy.
You proudly proclaim that I could never actually make you submit and then we make a bet. You say I can’t really turn you into a submissive stroke slave, I say I can.
We head back to my hotel room and this is where the clip begins, this is where you “play along.” I mean, it’s easy. All you have to do is look at me and listen. Is it really that hard to just stare and take in my words? If you really feel like you might be slipping into a different state of conciseness you can always just think about other things, right? You’re smart, analytical. You know I’m a trickster. You know how to avoid simple traps. You’ll be just fine.

Jessica is sitting on a coach in a red pvc dress and is trying to hypnotyse the viewer in the first half of the clip. She later strips her dress and gives jerk off instructions while teasing the viewer with her body. The clip ends with a cum countdown.
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