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The ‘Good Boy’ Fetish

The ‘Good Boy’ Fetish
The ‘Good Boy’ Fetish
You can consider this a game. You can consider this a lesson. Call it what you want, but I’d argue that it’s neither: it’s a demonstration. It’s not a lesson because I’m not teaching you anything new. I’m opening your eyes to what is the cornerstone of your sexuality: you crave being obedient, to be called a “good boy” more than anything. It’s somewhat of a JOI game, with rules you must obey, and instructions you must follow. I will start by instructing you to stroke to My body, worshipping it with every pump (easy, right?). The instructions will increase in difficulty, leading to sexual frustration. But the frustration I subject you to won’t be uncomfortable. It will be eye opening, and it can hardly be interpreted as frustration. I will show you what drives you sexually, I will show you how well I know you. You crave being called a good boy. You crave showing Me how obedient you can be. You crave being My puppet. You crave being My toy. I will eventually make you stroke while ONLY looking into My eyes (remember ‘Eye Contact Obedience Training’?), prohibited from looking at the images of My body framing My face. To some, this would be considered frustrating. To you? It’s yet another opportunity to be My good boy. And that’s all you need.

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