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JOI - Natashas Bedroom - Nine Slave Mantras Mindwash

All those endless, wandering thoughts in your brain? You don't need them. There are only nine thoughts you need to have, nine fundamental slave truths, one logically flowing into the next, and you're going to learn them right now. Press play. I'm here to invade your mind and train it to work for me. Your mind is fucked from the first second. You weaken when you see my beautiful smiling face, my sparkling shiny bra, and holographic panties hugging my curves, and my soft that it makes you hard, so powerful that it makes you weak, so sweet that you can't help but smile as I take control completely. When I tell you, "Natasha holds all the power," there's no doubt in your mind that it's true. There's no hesitation when I command you to repeat these words after me, to write them down as you say them aloud because it feels so good, so right, that your obedience comes naturally. You repeat after me, "Natasha controls my mind, body, and cock" and you know that I do. I'm proving it to you right now. Nine slave mantras. Nine thoughts, one flowing into the next, until that's all that's left.  File Size :1009 MB
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JOI - Natashas Bedroom - Nine Slave Mantras Mindwash.mp4

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