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Young Gassed Housewives are Tricked and Limped

Young Gassed Housewives are Tricked and Limped
Young Gassed Housewives are Tricked and Limped
Miss Addie Juniper has invited some of the neighborhood housewives over during the day while their husbands are at work; the ones who don't have jobs and spend all their time gossiping, sleeping around and spending their husbands' money. Addie sweetly tells them that she thought it would be a good opportunity for them to get to know each other a little better and bond. She excuses herself to tend to the pie she's making and the ladies talk about what a fine lady Miss Addie Juniper is. Soon enough, Miss Brittany Shae starts coughing and feeling dizzy and weak. Maybe the poor dear forgot to eat today or something? To the shock of the other women, Brittany falls limp on the couch! Miss Bliss Dulce tries to wake her by shaking her a little and lifting her arms up and letting them drop, but Brittany appears to be out! Bliss and Miss Dakota Charms begin coughing, too, there's definitely something strange in the air. Dakota starts rolling her eyes and becomes weak, as well, and she, too, flops onto the couch like a pretty lil sack of potaters. Miss Bliss can't believe her eyes, but the same thing happens to her, the poor lovely lady; she falls limp tho the couch and now all three housewives are splayed out on the couch like bakery treats on display!
Addie returns and, with a chuckle, begins playing with the dear ladies' bodies. She eye checks Miss Dakota and lifts up her arms, shakes them around and slowly drops them. She is like a ragdoll, this little one! She takes her head and rolls it around and lifts up her legs and drops them and positions her. Addie does the same thing with Miss Brittany, while commenting that she is the sluttiest one, sleeping with her husband behind her back. She pulls Brittany's gorgeous breasts out of her shirt and giggles sinisterly. She plays with Bliss' body, as well, and pulls her breasts out of her shirt, too. Ha. There, now these horrible ladies will get what they deserve!
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