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Scientist Addie Freezes Into Solid Gold

Scientist Addie Freezes Into Solid Gold
Scientist Addie Freezes Into Solid Gold
Scientist Addie Juniper is working on a brand new discovery. Spread out in front of her lie the key ingredients to a special concoction, but when the science experiment goes wrong, she finds herself no longer in the lab coat and goggles, but instead she has turned solid gold! Amazed, she cannot help to examine her new metallic body. She marvels at how beautiful she looks. It has a sheen to it that is quite remarkable, but it is covering her whole body which is so bizarre. While she is modeling her new body, she realizes that she is losing some of her mobility. Her legs stiffen first, and soon, her whole body is frozen, unweilding. She is unable to break her pose, much like a statue. Before she can stop it, her face starts to tighten, too. While she tries to move, it solidifies and her whole body is one piece of solid gold. A colleague comes and realizes that something has gone terribly wrong with Scientist Addie. Unable to comprehend, he tries to wake her, make her move, anything. Since she is unresponsive, he decides he might as well make use of her discovery and runs off with the documentation.

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