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Ivy Secret – Son Controls Mom’s Body with Magic Wand

Ivy Secret – Son Controls Mom’s Body with Magic Wand
Ivy Secret – Son Controls Mom’s Body with Magic Wand
Ivy Secret, mom/son, POV, son is excited to show mom his magic wand, mom thinks it’s just a toy, she encourages him to try it out on her, son flicks the wand & mom begins to bark, mom is embarrassed by the sudden, uncontrollable act but quickly dismisses it as a weird occurrence, son continues to make mom do one after another, body moves uncontrollably in a silly way, head bobs up and down like a rockstar with her hair in her face, tit groping, dancing, hips swaying from side to side, undressing, forced stripping, embarrassment, mom tells son not to look at her, she attempts to cover her exposed body up, embarrassed naked female, ENF, she tells son it’s inappropriate & wrong, mom begins to figure out that it’s the wand controlling her, she demands the wand from her son, son refuses to give it to her, forced masturbation, masturbating, playing with pussy, forced blowjob, virtual blowjob, mom is ashamed & disgusted with herself, spreads ass, asshole, mom jumps up and down and her big boobs bounce with her, she begs her son to stop, she is stuck on the bed, son pulls out his cock & mom tries to reason with him, he penetrates her, virtual sex, forced fucking, forced sex, doggystyle, mom whines & cries for him to stop – says it’s wrong, she tells him not to cum inside of her but he does it anyways, creampie, spell wears off & mom is so mortified & humiliated that she can’t look at her son, older woman, MILF, redhead, magic control, magic wand, uncontrollable body movement, woman following orders, woman following commands, female training, erotic magic, taboo, momma’s boy, family sex, fauxcest, special effects, sound effects

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