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Anna Bell Peaks, Rion King - Field Testing Target Arclight

Anna Bell Peaks, Rion King - Field Testing Target Arclight
Anna Bell Peaks, Rion King - Field Testing Target Arclight
Arclight is on the move as soon as she hears that the notorious mercenary known only as the Contractor has just robbed the biggest bank in the state. As the villain only does crimes he's contracted to do, Arclight tries to figure out who's really behind the robbery. But before she can formulate a theory, she feels a sharp pinpoint pain in her neck. How did something penetrate her impermeable skin? She comes to hours later, determined to hunt down the Contractor and get some answers. But little does she know that the Contractor has been hired to field test Dr. Apocalypse's superheroine-stopping inventions. He takes her down again and again, each time testing a different diabolical device aimed at bringing down the most powerful superheroines.
Arclight comes to on the floor of a jail cell, realizing she's bound with rope. She laughs at the idea of rope holding her back, but when she tries to escape, she realizes the rope is not what it seems. After all the previous takedowns and with this power-absorbing rope, Arclight is too weak to do anymore than struggle. The contractor returns and puts her out again for the next test.
Arclight finds herself standing but bound by her limbs. The Contractor pays her little mind, telling her she's not really his type and he wouldn't hesitate to give her a "second smile" if his employer gave the word. A man who only answers to money, He relentlessly makes her orgasm over and over with Dr. Apocalypse's special device. He goes until Arclight has squirted so much through her costume that she can barely hold herself up. The Contractor props her up repeatedly as she grows weaker, the mastermind behind the plan watching safely from a camera as he examines every little reaction.

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