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Harlow Harrison Manipulative Compulsion

Harlow_Harrison_ Manipulative_Compulsion
Harlow Harrison  Manipulative Compulsion
Scene One: Controlled
"Tell me everything that's going on" Harlow says looking down at her patient Kara dish out all her concerns. "I have something new that will help you de-stress" Harlow tells her, "something that will compel you to obey me" she says looking deep into Kara's eyes. Kara is confused but soon the words take hold and she is completely under Harlow's control.
"Grab my chest" Harlow commands. "Yes master" Kara responds. Harlow makes her gasp in pleasure as she touches her big tits. She smiles a sly smile and makes her go get changed. When she comes back dressed as Super Gurl Harlow is shocked and pleasantly surprised. "I think we can release some of that stress" she says. Harlow touches Super Gurl's tits and pussy feeling every inch of her. Dr. Harrison then puts her to rest to wake up and wonder what the hell just happened.
Scene Two: Convinced
"I figured I would stop in" Harlow says checking on Kara at her work. Harlow opens up her shirt and compels Kara to masturbate right there in the office. She makes Kara shout am I Super Gurl for the whole office to hear as she masturbates furiously. Her moans echo through the building and she's humiliates herself in front of all the employees. She puts on a show for everyone.
Harlow shows off Kara to the office. "Yes master I will cum to your tits" Super Gurl screams. Her voice shaking her body breaking she cums in front of everyone. Harlow loves playing with her new toy. "I think you have a lot of explaining to do" Dr. Harrison laughs as Kara runs out of the room in humiliation.

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