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Super Girl Identity Crisis!

Super Girl Identity Crisis!
Super Girl Identity Crisis!

Cute blond college student Kara works for the school paper and is writing an article about one of the university psychologists Dr James. She's renowned for her behavioral studies work and every female student who goes to see her reports significant change after just one visit. She's so popular in fact that there's a waiting list for an appointment with her. Kara suspects something is up and after arranging this interview she plans to get to the bottom of things. Upon their first introduction Kara is captivated, she can't stop staring at the Dr's pretty face or look away from her enchanting necklace. After chatting for a while about Dr James background, her work with the school and the number of young women who come to see her, Kara finally asks about the stunning jewellery around her long neck. Dr James just smiles, flashes it once and explains it's an ancient artifact rumored to be from the tomb of Aphrodite. It makes whoever looks at it a lot more suggestible. For example, she really doesn't think a girl as pretty as Kara should wear a bra underneath her shirt. Without even questioning her, Kara immediately removes her bra, but keeps her shirt on, the outline of her nipples visible throught the thin fabric. She then suggests that the conversation is making Kara turned on, which Kara denies but clearly reacts to, squirming around. The Dr instructs Kara to play with her breasts since she's turned on, which Kara does slowly at first then more deliberately as she gets more excited. As she does the psychologist comes behind her on the couch and slides a hand under her skirt and over Kara's wet panties, rubbing her excited little pussy over the lace. She tells the college student to sit on her lap and grind to get herself off while the professor rubs her perky tits and horny cunt. As Kara moans in pleasure begging for more Dr James whispers in her ear she knows Kara's secret identity. She's not really an innocent college student out to get a good story for the school paper, but really Supergirl in disguise. The heroine is shocked, denying it and momentarily snaps out of her trance, but the Doc just flashes her necklace again to mesmerize the girl of steel. She tells Supergirl to change into her crime fighting uniform right there in front of her. With a flash of light Super Girl appears, no longer a mere student in a conservative turtle neck shirt, thigh high socks and tennis skirt, but the Girl Of Steel ready to bring down criminals. Unfortunately for her she's completely under the mesmerizing spell of an anciet Goddess who is going to have some fun with her new play thing. The Doctor is going to show Super Girl pleasure like she's never known before and begins by instructing the heroine to lick her pretty pussy. The heroine gets on her knees and eagerly licks the professor's clit. This is just the beginning and the Goddess has much more in store for the mesmerized super hero.

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