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The Office Of Sleepy Mind Control

The Office Of Sleepy Mind Control
The Office Of Sleepy Mind Control
Starring Star Nine, Nickey Huntsman and Raven Rae
Three hot models give excellent performances in this action-packed story! It's a feast for fans of mesmerizing and limp fetish! Businesswomen Raven and Nickey welcome their new employee. Star is excited about the job. But, when she asks for more info, Raven points a flashing light at her. Star is immediately entranced. Nickey and Raven have fun posing Star and playing with her. They order her to respond "Yes Mistress" to all their commands. Star is ordered to fall resting or wake up any time they snap their fingers. They try it out and Star falls limply to the couch. They put her to rest and wake her up over and over. They order Star to strip to her bra and panties and they are excited by how hot she looks. They make her strip naked, fondle her and make her go limp and wake up a few more times. Star is commanded to dress in really sexy lingerie with stockings and garters and is sent off to be sold as a sex slave. Nickey has a good laugh about what's happening to Star but she stops laughing when she realizes she is also a victim. Raven uses a trigger word to put Nickey in a trance. Raven poses and fondles the glassy-eyed Nickey then repeatedly snaps her fingers to make her go limp and wake up. She even does an eye check to make sure her slave is resting. Raven enjoys fondling Nickey's limp body then wakes her up and orders her to do a sexy strip tease. Nickey dances, takes her clothes off and teases Raven. Raven snaps her fingers and Nickey falls limp onto the sofa. Raven awakens her and orders her to put on a sexy outfit. But there's yet another twist to the story and Raven finds herself entranced by a woman who is not seen on camera. The woman snaps her fingers and Raven goes limp, falling to the sofa. Raven is ordered to strip. She does a hot dance, stripping to her bra and panties. She then falls resting again at the snapping of her Mistress' fingers. The woman orders Raven to become a crude, pushy male and Nickey to be a shy female. She claps her hands and Raven aggressively tries to make out with Nickey who meekly resists her advances. The Mistress then makes both girls fall resting...then wake up. She orders them to go upstairs. Both girls, their eyes still glassy, march off to a life of mesmerized slavery. Scene #STR0139
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