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Ch00seY0ur0wnEntrancement - Love Potion 9 -

Ch00seY0ur0wnEntrancement - Love Potion 9 -
Ch00seY0ur0wnEntrancement - Love Potion 9 -
Clip Includes: Young Redhead Stepmom Ends Up Brainwashed into a Eager-to-Please Bubbly Blonde Bimbo Love Slave Thanks to POV’s Love Potion #9, Magic Control, Erotic Magic, Transformation, Boob Groping, GFE, POV Kissing, Stripping, Taboo, MILF, Seduction, Big Tits, Dancing, Booty, Slave Position, Begging to be Slave, Desperation, Blonde, Maid, Implied Sex (clothes on), Ludella Hahn, Contains Topless NUDITY
Ludella plays a very cheerful / energetic stepmom not far removed from school herself. She thinks POV is kind of a nerdy loser, but she acts sweet to him, if not a bit condescending. POV enters the room as Ludella is folding clothes. She notices POV, and greets him excitedly, “Hey Kiddo! How are you? Have any big plans tonight?” She greets him with the typical pleasantries before she gets a text from her husband. She ends the conversation with POV to reply on her phone as she turns her back to the camera.
With her back turned, POV uses the opportunity to take a swig of his love potion #9 ( a potion that makes anyone who hears the user’s voice fall in love with them…madly…) As soon as Ludella hears him speak, she turns around and has a brief look of shock before she realizes POV is the sexiest man she’s ever seen. She smiles and stares at him seductively as she puts down her phone. She is feeling the effect of the love potion intensely and being totally enamored with POV, she wants to seduce him away from his abstenant girlfriend.
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 Resolution :1280 x 720 MPEG-4
 Duration :00:28:25

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