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Fucked My Vampire Teacher & Cuckold the Principal

My school has decided to go back to in person learning. Which is totally cool, only the catch is
that half of us have to go to night school while the other half attend school during the day. When I
showed up to my Chemistry class, I was the only there. Everyone else had opted to learn online so they
wouldn't have to come to the school. I usually hated Chemistry Class but not Mrs. Chase's. No, she was so
hot it was hard not to listen to her and absorb the material. She had no idea that I fantasized about
fucking her all the time. Once the first bell rung, she began teaching the virtual students, while she helped
me from time to time. After a few minutes she made everyone go in breakout rooms and work together
for a few minutes. That's when things got weird. Mrs. Chase proceeded to sit on top of her desk and tease
me in a sexual manner. When I asked her what she was doing she told me that she was going to fuck me
then Fang me. I thought she was of course joking, but when she smiled at me in mischievous manner
and her Fangs came out, I Knew it was for real. I tried to run out of the class as fast as I could,
but she was to fast and stopped me at the door step in a blink of an eye.
I tried to resist her charm but when she pulled out her tits and made me suck on her nipples
I couldn't say no. I proceed to bang my smokin hot Vampire teacher, while the rest of my classmates were stuck virtually learning.
The chaos didn't stop there and half way through, Principal Newman walked in the room and
caught me balls deep in Mrs. Chase. He started to scream at us both,
but then Mrs. Chase held her hand to her temple and stared at Mr. Newman.
He was Glamoured in no time and couldn't even remember his name. She made him sit at her desk and
teach the students virtually, while she fucked my brains out. When it was all over I had a knew Hot Vampire Girlfriend
and she promised me she would turn me into a Fanger someday soon. After that, she un-glamoured the principal and made him give her a 50% raise.
Vampires Rule!
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