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Brooklyn Chase Mesmerized - My Boss & Cuckolded His Hot Wife

Me and my best buddy Vinny work in an office crunching data for some     asshole we hate. Did I mention that his Smokin Hot wife with huge knockers     also works there. She is such a bitch but I would do anything to bang her.     Well Me and Vinny went down to China Town the other night and ran into the     old man who was selling Classified High Tech Micro Chips that can control     people. Well we decided to buy two of them because they were buy one get     the second one half price. Well guess what? They worked like a champ and     we turned our Asshole Boss and his Smokin Hot wife into Mindless Robots.     The micro chips had a special feature that could take any layer of clothes     off the subject with the touch of a remote button. After we humiliated     them and made them do silly things, I decided to fuck My boss's hot wife     while he watched me. It was the best day of work I've ever had. Except for     when Vinny hit the remote and swapped their voices out. It was totally     fucking weird listening to her moan like a man. But that only lasted a few     seconds and I banged my Boss's wife while he played with his nipples. Once     I shot my load in her tight pussy, I got dressed and Vinnie hit the remote     and swapped out their outfits. Then I hauled ass and he made them snap out     of the trance. It was classic. They didn't know what the fuck happened. I     can't wait to do it to her again on Monday.
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