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I Mind Controlled My Hot Latin StepSister

 So there I was the other night when I saw my Smokin Hot Latin Step-sister taking selfies of herself half nude. She was sending them to her boyfriend or some other dick head she's probably fucking. Did I mention that my step-sister hates me and thinks I'm a total perv. She doesn't know the half of it. I literally jerk off to her every night and sometimes twice. Well today it's my turn and I'm gonna take things into my own hands. Watch me use a pair of high powered Mind Control top secret goggles that I stole from my Job at NASA. Once I convinced her to put on the glasses it was all over. The pure power of the glasses made her turn into a mindless robot. I literally had complete control over her, I could have done anything I wanted. Watch me get her naked and make her play with her perfect little pussy while I jerk off on the side. Next time I'm totally gonna fuck her, even though it will probably only take me a bout six pumps because she is so freaking hot. I just didn't want to get caught the first time. But know that I know it works it's on like DONKEY KONG.
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