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Chrissy Marie – Wundergirl Gets Frozen & Brainwashed By Mad Scientist

Wundergirl has found the secret lab of her arch nemesis the Mad Scientist     and is investigating when she hears a noise and is distracted. She looks     down to find an odd object on the floor in front of her and when she bends     over to pick it up, the Mad Scientist sneaks up behind her and freezes her     with a freeze ray. While Wundergirl is frozen, the scientist gropes and     fondles her beautiful body before moving in front of a screen for the next     part of her plan. Once Wundergirl is positioned in front of the screen,     the scientist starts a mesmerizing swirl so that the first thing she sees     when she is unfrozen will be the swirl and she will become brainwashed.     When unfrozen, Wundergirl is disoriented and when the swirl catches her     eye she can't look away. She quickly becomes brainwashed and completely     under the control of the scientist. To test her control, the Mad Scientist     has Wundergirl repeat her commands and suggestions and then alternates     between freezing and unfreezing her while making her dance erotically for     her and spanking her. Finally she turns the swirl back on and leaves     Wundergirl to mindlessly stare at it forever as she goes off to do crimes.
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