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Freya – Love Potion

Freya's younger step-brother has a friend who has always been obsessed with her. She never gives him the time of day. In fact, Freya thinks he is a nerd, unattractive, and highly annoying - and she doesn't hesitate to tell him so. But finally he thinks he has a way to win her over. He bought a love potion, and was promised it was guaranteed to make any girl fall madly in love with him. He slips it in while she's playing video games. She takes a sip and almost spits it out because it tastes so bad. Freya starts to yell at him for messing with her , but she suddenly calms down. She is starting to see him in a way she never has before. Freya realizes how cute he is all of a sudden. She turns off her video game and tries to engage him in conversation. But now it is him who is seeming uninterested. Freya becomes frustrated because she's well aware of how hot he thinks she is, and now he's going to play hard-to-get? She becomes desperate for his attention and will do anything to try and seduce him. She dances and strips off her clothes, kneels in front of him and tells him how wonderful he is, even calls him "master". She climbs on his lap naked, but when he throws her off, she begins to beg for his affection. He finally lets her climb on top and fuck him. Freya feels amazing; all of her work has paid off and she finally getting fucked by him. But once he finishes, he's had enough and shoves her to the ground. Freya is in disbelief at what has just happened, and begs for him to stay as he makes for the door.
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