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Sam's First Entrancement Session

Sexy Sam is here to try being mesmerized for the very first time. She is     co-operative and quickly goes into a trance when I perform a relaxation     induction on her.

I start by taking her in and out of her blank trance state and moving and posing her while she is in a deep trance. Each time I take her out of trance she finds herself in a new position, unable to remember how she got there.

Next I give her a suggestion that her clothing will feel unbearably itchy. Each time she removes something, something else starts itching and she doesn't feel comfortable until she has stripped down to her underwear.

In her underwear I put her back into a blank trance and pose her some more, giving a better view of her sexy body.

Now to see even more of her I give her a suggestion to think it's rude for her to be in my office and still wearing clothes. She realizes and quickly removes the rest of her clothing, allowing us to see all of her.

I pose her blankly some more to see her beautiful body nude. Then I give her suggestion to go and resting if she tries to count to five. Each time she tries she falls into a deeper, trance and can't remember the last time she tried to count.

I finish the suggestion by erasing the suggestion that makes he feel she has to be naked to be polite. But I also give her another suggestion that she will start getting aroused as she dresses and will have an orgasm when she is finished putting all her clothes on.

She feels embarrassed and starts to     dress. She tries to hide the sexy pleasure she is feeling but she eagerly     wants to return for more entrancing experiences.
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