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The Fellowship

Dixie has gone to visit a special institution that she believes can help     her with her problems at work and in life. She is very shy and introverted     and because of it she keeps getting passed over for promotions and raises     at work and has trouble meeting friends or romantic partners in life. "The     Fellowship" as it calls itself, claims to be able to help her improve her     self esteem and confidence without in of the psychiatric mumbo jumbo.     After consulting with the doctor she is convinced that it is for her and     ready to write a hefty check for her treatment. Once he has her check in     hand, the doctor tells her to watch a brief introductory video while he     reviews her file. He flips on the tv but she doesn't see anything on the     screen. He tells her to lean in closer because the first part is pretty     dark. She gets closer and closer but still doesn't see anything. Finally     when her face is right in front of the screen it suddenly lights up and     stuns her. She becomes mesmerized by a series of changing colors and     images on the screen as the "doctor" leans in from behind her and begins     to give her instructions. She has become a mindless doll, doing whatever     she is told and having anything done to her without concern. She is     completely open and available for controls and commands. The doctor strips     her out of her clothes and pulls her body down onto his lap. He     manipulates her and gropes her as she puts up no resistance and repeats     all of his commands and suggestions. He wets his fingers with her mouth     and then fingers her pussy. Finally he suggests to her that what she would     really like is a cock in her mouth. She gets on her knees as he pulls out     his cock and slides it in to her open and waiting mouth. She looks up at     him with a blank mindless expression as he slides his cock slowly in and     out of her mouth-hole. She takes it without flinching and he knows she's     ready for part two of her treatment.

He snaps his fingers and turns her into a cock and cum hungry, nympho, bimbo slut. As soon as she sees his cock she instantly wants to suck it and fuck him. After she blows him some more as an enthusiastic slut he has her bend over and present herself so he can lick her ass and pussy and then he bends her over the couch and fucks her from behind until he cums in her eager mouth and she swallows his load. He then asks her how she's going to get the promotions and raises at work she's been missing and she correctly answers "by sucking all the dicks!" Finally he tells her that her training is complete, the one last step is to go shopping and buy her some sexier clothes to which she gets super excited because she loves shopping for sexy clothes.

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