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Mia Hypnotized for Her Feet

Mia is chatting with her longtime friend from high school over the     internet. He has always had a crush on her, but now that Mia is single,     she finally admits to him that she would date him in a second if he didn't     live states away. But he also has another confession - he really has a     fetish for Mia's feet. This is something Mia finds pretty odd though. He     really wants to see Mia's feet so he puts a hypnotic spiral on her     computer screen. Mia slowly becomes hypnotized by it, and does everything     he tells her. He makes Mia take off her sandals and display her bare feet     to him. Mia is made to believe that she too has a foot fetish, and that     she finds her own feet very sexy. Mia chants mantras while in a trance and     strips off all of her clothes on command. She has no free will and does     not hesitate to obey.
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