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A Thing for Feet 2 - Lori

Lori is a foot fetish model who shows up for her recurring gig just a few     minutes too early, and finds her photographer jerking off to her picture.     The photographer had lied and told her he was only shooting foot fetish     for some extra money. Lori is disgusted and tells him that she cannot work     with him anymore. In desperation, he starts to swing a pocket watch in     front of her eyes hoping he can hypnotize her. It actually works, much to     his surprise, and now Lori is his hypnotized foot slave. He commands his     slave to repeat mantras and puts her in different poses before making her     rub him with her bare feet. Unfortunately, Lori breaks free from her     trance at one point, but she is then put even deeper into hypnosis so that     it can't happen again.
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