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Alexa 2

Alexa 2
Alexa 2
Clip Five
OK one more deep and hard orgasm and than I will slowly wake her up. See what she has to say about my treatment! I have a feeling she is cured at least she knows that she is horny and wants to masturbate and fuck all the time now.
Clip Six
This clip is for her next visit a lot of fun, the induction, and she gets naked
Clip Seven
In this clip I will turn her into a mannequin and make her believe she is part of the party decoration. All the party guests can touch her and she is programmed to orgasm when they want her to. Than I let her masturbate for everybody to enjoy.
Clip Eight
Back to the bedroom. This time I will have her feel me fucking her from behind and than make her masturbate real hard. WOW she loves Doggy style. You gonna love this one
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