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KimberleyJx - Kaa-llection - Part Two

Part Two of the Kaa-llection includes 4 x 5min custom videos written by     Kaa fans and interpreted by myself.[1] Suck Girlcub Suck [2]KaaMa Sutra     [3] Poor Defenceless Girlcub [4] Strip and Sl33p junglegirl

[1] Suck Girlcub Suck is aMindfucked blowjob from a lost controlled girlcub to Kaa.

[2] KaaMa Sutra - Mind Fucked and coiled, Kaa has his way with the girlcub, fucking and licking until see rests in his coils for eternity

[3] Poor Defenceless Girlcub - When a fellow Mancub stumbles upon this Jungle Girl wrapped in Kaa in the forrest instead of helping her, it turns him on and he fucks the defenceless girlcub along with Kaa in a double team of dicks.

[4] Strip and Sl33p JungleGirl - Lost Girlcub finds herself     in Kaa's path, Mind fucked and made to strip down for him.
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 Duration :00:20:10


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