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Alexa Red

Alexa Red
Alexa Red
Alexa's a bubbly, quick witted and charming lady with a spicy vocabulary and a smoking hot body. She graced my sofa for a Hypnodolls shoot and I had her experiencing all manner of kinky shenanigans.
This shoot marks the first appearance of my new antique (well. kinda) mirror. I'd been planning some fun mirror based suggestions for a while: Fall in love with your reflection. Believe that you're trapped in the mirror. Believe that your reflection's evil, that kind of thing, and Alexa got to indulge me first.
Making Alexa's reflection "Evil" was pretty fun, she plays the parts of both devilish domme and damsel in distress nicely, and it was amusing seeing her bounce from one persona to the other as she looked at or away from her reflection. I tried to organize it so that Mistress Alexa would speak *out* of the mirror, whilst Damsel Alexa was the one who'd face and speak to me in real life. at least until Mistress Alexa took over her body and left her trapped in the mirror anyway.

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